Kim Scheppele

Princeton Faculty
Laurance S. Rockefeller Professor of Sociology and Public Affairs and the University Center for Human Values
Director, Program in Law and Public Affairs
Office Phone
415 Robertson Hall

Kim Scheppele works primarily in the area of comparative constitutional law. She has published extensively in both law reviews and social science journals on post-socialist constitutionalism and has a book in progress called Democracy by Judiciary about the role of constitutional courts in these new political systems. Scheppele also conducts research on constitutions under stress, most recently writing about post-9/11 responses in comparative perspective in a series of law-review articles as well as a book called The International State of Emergency. Her book Legal Secrets won special recognition from the American Sociological Association and, in an earlier form, a dissertation prize from the American Political Science Association. She also works on general questions of comparative law, the diffusion of constitutional norms, and European Union law. Prior to joining the Princeton faculty in 2005, she taught Law and Sociology at the University of Pennsylvania, and prior to that, Political Science and Public Policy at the University of Michigan. She served as director of the Program in Gender and Culture at the Central European University in Budapest, and has spent nearly half of the last decade studying constitutional transitions in Hungary or Russia under with funding from the National Science Foundation.