Mark Pollack

Regional Affiliates
Associate Professor of Political Science, Temple University

Mark Pollack’s research focuses on the role of international institutions in the regional and global governance, with specific projects examining the delegation of powers to the supranational organizations in the European Union, the creation of new mechanisms for the governance of the transatlantic relationship, and the “mainstreaming” of gender issues in international organizations. Pollack is the author of The Engines of European Integration: Delegation, Agency and Agenda Setting in the EU (Oxford University Press, 2003), and co-editor of five books, including most recently Policy-Making in the European Union (with Helen Wallace and William Wallace, Oxford University Press, 2005), as well as over two dozen articles and book chapters. He is currently at work on a book (with Gregory Shaffer) on the transatlantic dispute over genetically modified foods and crops, and is co-editing (with Knud Erik Jorgensen and Ben Rosamond) The Handbook of European Union Politics (Sage Publications, forthcoming 2007). He has also taught at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (1995-2004) and at the European University Institute in Florence, Italy (2000-2002). Ph.D., Harvard University.