Philip Cerny

Former EU Program Affiliates
Professor of Global Political Economy, Graduate Division of Global Affairs, Rutgers University (Newark)

Philip Cerny's research focuses on the role of the state in managing globalization, the politics of international trade, finance and social policy, with particular attention to the role of neo-liberal ideology, American hegemony, and French foreign policy in a European context. His books include The Politics of Grandeur: Ideological Approaches of de Gaulle's Foreign Policy (1980), The Changing Architecture of Politics: Structure, Agency and the Future of the State (1990), Finance and World Politics: Markets, Regimes and States in the Post-Hegemonic Era (1993), Internalizing Globalization: The Rise of Neo-liberalism and the Erosion of National Varieties of Capitalism (2005). His current project focuses on "Multi-Nodal Politics: Pluralism and the Process of Governance in a Globalizing World." Ph.D. from the University of Manchester (United Kingdom).